StrikeNET Consults is a provider of high-performance, enterprise grade, data center services focused on offering cost efficient colocation solutions. Our team includes innovative problem solvers, bringing insights and time-tested tactics to your most complex challenges. Our Steadfast Business Acumen guides every strategy, every decision, we deliver on our promises, propelling people and organizations forward, and helping our clients achieve success.

Data Center Monitoring Services are based on in-depth understanding of data center environments and comprehensive knowledge of infrastructure, applications, virtualization, compliance, and security.

Our datacenter Management expertise and dedicated Centers of Excellence help you consolidate, virtualize, transform, optimize, and compute network storage and backup capabilities. We have also developed and implemented strategies that help you meet existing and future business demands.

With StrikeNET Consults’ Data Center Management services, it is possible to provision, manage, and address the organizational needs to ensure continuous delivery of data center operations and management services to its customers and end users for all mission- and business-critical applications. These services also allow the flexibility to address the ever-changing business demands, market trends, and cost pressures.

Our Data Center Consulting services include:

  1. Data Center Feasibility Consulting
  2. Data Center Planning & Pre-Design
  3. Data Center Project Cost Estimating
  4. Data Center Site Assessment
  5. Data Center Availability & Risk Assessment
  6. Dynamic Services Technology Master Format Planning
  7. Data Center Power & Cooling Systems Analysis
  8. Data Center Computational Fluid
  9. Data Center Real Estate Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  10. Data Center Relocation Evaluation & Planning
  11. Data Center Energy Usage Assessment Service
  12. Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessment Service
  13. Data Center Facility Business Strategy Consul