Loan Management System


The LOAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) is the result of years of intensive research and development. It thinks like you do and works the way you do – in Windows. Whatever the size of your business – small, midsize or multinational conglomerate – and whatever the size of your loan portfolio, three loans to hundreds of thousands – LMS can do the job.

LMS is an online, real-time system that provides you with every loan management function crucial to your business. It has comprehensive reporting capabilities, audit trails and logs, agings, detailed life-of-loan histories, transaction reports, required government reports and numerous management analyses.

LMS is modular, now you have choices: It has a comprehensive series of fully integrated support modules and plug-ins that function with the same precision and intuitiveness, integrating seamlessly and adding specialized power.


1. Comprehensive loan servicing
2. Workstation, local or wide-area network versions available for one user or up to unlimited numbers of users
3. Available Database Managers: Microsoft SQL2000 and SQL2005, Microsoft SQLExpress, Pervasive SQL, Microsoft Access
4. Mortgages, Actuarial, Simple Interest, Rule of 78s, Revolving Credit and HELOCs, and numerous other interest methods available can support up to 100 different indexes including LIBOR, Treasury, Bank Primes, etc.
5. Repayment schedules include Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual6. Unlimited notepad for comments, notes, and promises for each borrower7. On-line Instant Payoff information on-screen for any Selected Future Date8. Letter wizard for letters to borrowers (print, PDF or email); keeps copies for due diligence requirements, on screen or reprint9. Dedicated word processor to customize Past Due Notices and other correspondence, automatic email options for mailing10. Periodic billing statements optionally sent by email11. Individual Task and Event managers designed to help each user gain more control over their job12. Complete audit trails and audit logs, capturing events and changes at the loan level as well as comprehensively13. Loan histories for the entire life of the loan–no annual purging14. Automatic payment, paperless collection systems via optional ACH module15. Concise Management Control and Analysis Reports — Powerful one-page visual summaries16. Over 50 Standard Reports plus Powerful Report Writer storing unlimited number of reports, includes What-if Amortization Reports17. Transmit 1098’s and 1099’s to IRS FIRE System18. “Help” Button takes you directly to the LMS Manual or to the Constantly Updated On-line Manual if you are connected to the Internet19. Password security levels, nine protected levels20. Under 10 minutes to install

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