The Online Student Result Management System (OSRMS) is an educational portal for Nursery, Primary, Secondary schools and Tertiary institute. This online portal handles everything from enrollment of students to making individual results of students available online directly on the school database.
School management can tell at a glance how many students are there in the school at any given point in time. The beauty of it all is that it helps you to make your students results available to them from anywhere in the world provided there is internet connectivity. All they need to do is Login to their account and view/print their results from the database.

The Online SRMS performs three basic functions:

(1) Comprehensive Student Online Database
(2) Student Result view/Printing from any location
(3) Archive of student results from the lowest to the highest academic levels. Results can be accessed several years after graduation.


1. Student Result Management System turns your manual means of results output to digital over an online hosting platform.
2. Archives your school results from the very date you start using it.
3. Automatically computes cumulative scores and grades according to figures being keyed in.
4. Helps you to call-up a particular student’s result at any point in time.
5. Student can still view result several years after graduation.
6. Rates your school higher than your competitors.
7. Reduces the rate of human errors. E.g. Mis-calculation of cumulative scores.
8. Automatically awards remarks to student based on grades.
9. Parents and guardians can have access to their ward’s results/performance in school. This helps to put such a student in check.


Upon registration, every student is automatically given a student Identity number. This number is automatically forwarded to both student and parents. With this ID number, such a student can login to his platform from any location worldwide, change his password, view or print his/her results. E.g. Geoffrey can print his end of 2nd term result even after 5 years of graduating from the school. Students do not need to buy scratch cards for this to take place. They already paid for the access.

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