Who we are

StrikeNET Consults is about providing the best solutions for your technological needs to mid-market and growing businesses. At StrikeNET Consults, our mission is best described by our founder and Managing Director, Geoffrey Orone

Kampala based StrikeNET Consults (ug) Ltd has been delivering IT support and solutions for a long time now, to clients from a wide range of sectors, based all over the world.

StrikeNET Consults started life as a small Websites and software development, company in 2009 and has quickly developed into one of Uganda’s leading Managed Service Providers. This growth is a result of passionate leadership and the hard work of the IT professionals we have – with skills encompassing Cyber Security, Application Development, ICT Consultancy, Mobile Application, Networking Solutions and more. StrikeNET Consults’ success is built on lasting relationships and strong partnerships that are based on the fact that for a relationship to work it needs to be mutually beneficial.

Through utilising IT, StrikeNET Consults provides SMEs and growing businesses with next generation solutions that increase productivity and aid growth. Not just by providing support, but providing insight on how to keep their business current and sustainable, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Our IT services are tailored to suit each individual organisation and delivered by industry experts with second to none customer service. We want our clients to feel valued, taken care of and in safe hands. Technology is moving fast and StrikeNET Consults’ aim is to keep our clients one step ahead.

Meet Our Talented Team


Geoffrey Orone

Managing Director/ Cyber Security Engineer

“If you can dream it, you are already half way there; the rest is hard work.”

One of Orone’s greatest gifts is his ability to see talent in other people and to understand how this talent can support StrikeNET’s collective strength. Testimony to this is the many talented people in StrikeNET Consults’ team and their tenure at StrikeNET.
He has worked both in Uganda, S.Sudan and other countries in South East Asia, Asia Pacific as an IT Consultant.

All that being said, Geoffrey is just an average guy with above-average enthusiasm, backed by a great team of people who all work very hard to find innovative, measurable ways to help businesses run better.


Ivan Orone

Chief Technology Officer/ Software Engineer

“I am inspired by people who express their talent and potential effortlessly.”

He started his career during his university days by selling computers and Developing Systems to fellow students and doctors.
Ivan is currently responsible for strategic partnerships,through partner Engineering. He is also a Software Developer with a multi-million Software Developement Company in Nairobi.
Ivan is a perceptive, independent-minded individual who has an ability ‘not to get caught in the hype’. He is decisive and a straight-shooter, with a talent for quickly understanding the needs of a client. Outside of the work environment, Ivan enjoys international travelling, paddling and spending time with his friends.

Esther Angwech

Business Development Manager

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Esther’s love of people and background in providing outstanding customer service to ICT’s clients has made her a very popular asset within the Sales team. She has a natural inclination for creative and innovative ideas that build and solve customer problems.
A strategist by nature, Esther knows how to sort through complex problems and enjoys collaborating with the development team, to provide effective solutions for her customers.
Beyond her enjoyment of the BDM role, Esther’s reason for being at StrikeNET Consults is the company’s shared customer philosophy, the entrepreneurial spirit, and talented team


Silas Okwir

Manager Human Resource & Administration

“Creativity about life, in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

An innovative and hardworking Administrator, focused on growing in the field of human resources and Administration. As the Head of Human Resource & Administration, Nancy is a successful Human resource Administrator adept at creating a genuine connection between employer and employee.

With many years of Human Resource Management experience, she assists StrikeNET Consults in the areas of organizational development, strategic planning, employee relations, branding, leadership training and coaching.
She enjoys traveling and reading

What Makes Us Different


A nationwide presence with the depth and breadth of expertise you need, delivered with personal, localized service from trusted advisors in your community.


A strategic partnership to help you get the most out of your technology, bringing solutions that drive growth and reduce risk while focusing on the user experience.


A talented world class team with a growth mindset, providing specialized roles and continuing education to drive exceptional results.


A conscious investment in our communities, creating meaningful career opportunities and supporting local organizations.

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