Software Development

StrikeNET Consults Application Development Team works with cutting edge technologies to create for your organization the optimal custom application. As we create your customized application, we will consult with your organization to ensure that your customized application meets your exact specifications. And of course, we guarantee that not only will your customized application work on its own in trial testing, it will work once it is in production in your IT environment

Our Application Development Team holds certifications and hands-on experience in developing custom applications.we have the tools to ensure that your custom application will work with any Platform environment

Of course, if your organization needs an application that works with a different environment, we have the skills to create applications for non-Microsoft web development paradigms and platforms.

StrikeNET Consults delivers the full service required for the successful adoption of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System. This comprises starting an ERP project from the ground up:

  1. Scoping of requirements
  2. Conducting workshops for project definition and justification
  3. System and data structures
  4. Data take-on
  5. Pilot running
  6. Parallel and live running
  7. Project evaluation
  8. On-going support and development

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