Hardware and Software Management

StrikeNET Consults offers its clients full IT support – which are predominantly Small and medium enterprises – affordable, reliable and professional computer support of the highest quality.

Our computer support specialists are experts when it comes to determining which component for instance would meet your specific requirements.

All our computer components and peripherals are deemed to be completely reliable and of the highest quality with full warrantees that are supported throughout Uganda. Apart from providing our clients with the components, our hardware support services include the assembly and configuration of computers and servers, extended manufacturer warranties for hardware, and express warranty swap-outs.

You can count on Our experience in scaling hardware, understanding brand choices, configuring to availability requirements, and technical capacity to implement and maintain your business critical infrastructure on time and to your expectation.

We have deployed and continue to maintain a wide range of server installations including: High-End stand-alone Servers, Clustered Servers and High Availability Data Centers.

With our Hardware Management services you get

Hardware procurement

Our long standing relationships with major hardware vendors allows us to help you acquire the best hardware for your needs at affordable prices.

Hardware Management

We monitor, manage and maintain your hardware, and provide 24/7 remote and onsite support as needed.


For a single flat monthly fee you can rest easy in the knowledge that all your hardware needs are taken care of by experts.

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