Phishing Awareness Training for Businesses

As cyber attacks go, there’s nothing particularly sophisticated about phishing: Attackers send emails to your employees that contain malicious links, and once those links are clicked, they gain access to your systems or sensitive data. Yet perhaps that simplicity is actually the secret of phishing’s success. To succeed, attackers only have to trick your employees into clicking a link.

The good news is that a little education can go a long way to prevent phishing. StrikeNET Consults provides phishing awareness training designed to turn your employees into your frontline of defense against these types of cyberattacks.

Your employees will learn how to:

Identify Phishing Attempts

Our phishing awareness training will help your employees learn how to identify phishing attempts by recognizing the key features of these attacks.

Report Attempted Attacks

When one employee is targeted, it’s likely that others will be as well. Our training includes guidance on how and when to report attempted attacks to keep your organization secure.

Pass Tests on What They’ve Learned

Effective phishing awareness training is not a “one and done” lesson. We’ll test your employees on what they’ve learned and help provide ongoing reinforcement of best practices.

How Does StrikeNET Consults' Phishing Prevention Training Work?

StrikeNET Consults’s phishing prevention training is designed to help your employees become a valuable security asset. Here’s how it works:

  • Once per month, your employees will receive simulated phishing attacks designed to emulate real-life phishing scenarios. To ensure the tests get through to your users where they’ll do the most good, we’ll track the delivery rates of these simulated attacks.

  • Long, dull training videos just aren’t an effective way for your team to learn. We use short, targeted trainings that are delivered to your team members when an error is made to ensure the trainings will stick.

  • Our trainings are specifically tailored to the type of mistake an employee has made. Because the trainings are short, timely, and relevant, they’re much more effective, and they help continually condition your people to recognize phishing attacks.

  • Our phishing prevention trainings are completely managed and measured by StrikeNET Consults. We’ll track progress, improvements, and interactions using different kinds of scenarios.

  • Recipients who fail an exercise will instantly receive a learning opportunity, delivered in a nonpunitive fashion. Depending on the nature of the content, the training might be a video or information on a web page. We’ll craft the content delivery to best match the nature of the training itself.

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