End User Training

FACT- Most computer users only use about 15% of the features within an application. Because of this, StrikeNet Consults has aligned its content with the official Microsoft Curriculum, with our programme being set out to effectively assess a person’s on the job skills, across multiple MS office applications.

Our consultative training approach incorporates the most suitable technologies coupled with traditional instructor-led training to help you improve operating efficiency. With the goal of delivering significant value to our clients, we seek to analyse business processes relevant to specific job roles. We utilise traditional instructor-led training methodology, although we encourage short intense courses as opposed to a full training day. Courses can be derived from standard content or can be customised in line with specific client requirements.

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Exciting News! – We now have an Online Testing Application up and running, which gives us an indication of the current end user skill base within your organisation. Upon completion of the tests, a report will be presented to you, together with a proposed training schedule that will also highlight skills and/or staff members that should receive focused training.

Floor Walking: – Each training session is proceeded by a follow up within the next month, with a floor walking session, ensuring new concepts are implemented effectively and allowing us to assess future training requirements.

Executive Coaching: – We offer a customised coaching service at an executive level. Each session is focused on specific required outcomes, and includes top level assistance in the Microsoft Suite of applications.

Consulting: – We are also available on special projects or for consulting requirements (presentations, tenders etc). Our services extend to Efficiency and Database Consulting ? evaluating your office systems and proposing electronic solutions.

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