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IOHMS software is built with certain flexibilities in each module, which can be customized to suit the needs of the individual hospital.
Overall System Features:

  • Modular design: Other than the basic modules, user will have choice to include optional modules. Depends upon the manpower and finance availability, one could decide on the options.
  • Relational Database: Microsoft SQL Server is used at the backend for data management. It has powerful features of data management to access the data efficiently.
  • It’s Flexible: User Specified rule: Wherever it is possible, user will have the choice to select the right combination of rules, which is suitable to their organization.
  • Client/Server technology:Enhance the performance of the application.

Modules of the system

•Out-Patient Registration • Out-Patient Billing ** • In-Patient Reservation** • In-Patient Admission • Operation Theatre Management • Inpatient Discharge • Ward Management** • Medical records • Medical Record Tracking** • Referral Patient Management ** • Patient flow management** • Appointments**
NOTE:** Add-on modules (user hospital will have choice to include in the integrated system)

IOHMS helps to maintain the valuable patient data for providing better information system. Also it insists on standardizing the workflow, patient flow and various activities, which enhance overall performance of the organization. Through Intranet services, management will have access of online information about key factors. Cataract surgical outcome monitoring system helps to assess the outcome of the service provided and also improve one’s competency.

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