Intrusion Protection & Prevention Solutions

Every organization, no matter the size, is at risk for a cyberattack. These attacks can be especially devastating for small and mid-sized businesses, some of whom never recover. If you want to keep your business safe, it’s smart to have a proactive defense.

StrikeNET’s intrusion detection and response (IDR) solution stops attackers in their tracks to keep your company safe. Better yet, it offers enterprise-grade protection at a small business price, providing a cost-effective way to protect yourself from these digital threats.

Detect and Stop Attacks

When a cyberattack occurs, IDR will detect and stop the attack before it can do serious damage to your business.

Build Trust With Your Customers

A security breach can devastate your relationship with your customers. IDR helps you to keep their information safe.

Keep Your Business Compliant

StrikeNET’s IDR solution is designed to meet the regulatory and compliance standards of a large number of industries.

How Do StrikeNET Consults' IDPS Services Work?

To effectively stop cyber attackers, you need to be able to identify when an attack happens and prevent it from doing damage to your organization. StrikeNET’s IDPS services are designed to do just that. We use a three-layered system that ensures you’re always protected.

The first layer consists of an automated threat detection system that gathers data from computers, network devices, and firewalls throughout your company to search for any anomalies. This system monitors your business 24/7 to detect any signal that you may be under attack.

When an abnormality is found, the second layer of defense is activated. That’s when our seasoned security experts spring into action to verify that there’s an actual threat. If a threat is found, these experts quickly formulate a plan to counter the attack using their deep knowledge of cybersecurity.

Finally, the third layer of defense comes from the skilled technicians who put the plan into action. They protect your business from cyberattacks in real time as they happen, without interrupting your operations.

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