Digital Transformation Experts That Know Strategy and Execution

StrikeNET Consults has a deep bench of technology expertise that can guide and support your organization through your digital transformation. If you’re ready to grow beyond old, outdated operational practices to leverage the full power of digital technology, our experts can help you develop and execute a plan tailored to the needs of your business.

Your Team of Digital Transformation Experts

StrikeNET Consultsd has a seasoned team of project managers, developers, engineers, designers, and analysts who work side-by-side with your key staff to understand your needs. We don’t like surprises any more than you do, especially regarding business applications, so we make sure to collaborate with your team every step of the way. We’ll test key functionalities together throughout the process and incorporate your feedback, so you’ll be confident that the final product will meet your expectations and be delivered on time and on budget.

Benefits of Hiring StrikeNET Consults As Your Digital Transformation Consultants

StrikeNET Consults Digital Transformation Consultants are focused on solving key challenges to growing your business. Typical outcomes are:

  • Process improvement, reducing cost and time to deliver to customers
  • Replacing antiquated or unsupported systems
  • Systems integrated to reduce data duplication and data entry
  • Web/Mobile application designed and built to reach your customers or employees
  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence solutions built to provide business insights

How Can StrikeNET Consults Guide Transformation in Your Business?

Businesses face many challenges. As business owners we tend to do what is necessary to move past operational problems quickly, so the focus can remain on delivery of goods or services to clients. Over time this often leads to disparate systems that are loosely integrated, data this is stored and managed in a Microsoft Access database, and other burdensome manual processes. Imagine the following scenario: Your business receives an order from a customer through your website. Susan in the front office downloads this order as an Excel workbook and then emails the information to the sales manager for it to be updated with information from your ERP. That manager then emails it back to Susan who types the information into the order filling system. Variations on the above scenario are common with growing businesses. Many of our clients come to us with these bottlenecks preventing them from quickly processing and delivering orders, serving customers and ultimately slowing down business. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally streamline these manual steps using technology? At StrikeNET Consults, we take these complicated processes and challenges and break them down working backwards from a desired end-result. We start by analyzing your business processes to determine where there are bottlenecks and inefficient procedures or systems. We then build an actionable roadmap to transform your business operations. The StrikeNET Consults Digital Transformation department not only provides business analysis services, but also builds web and native mobile applications, data warehouses, and dashboards, as well as integration frameworks to enable your business.

Ready to Get Started With a Digital Transformation Service Expert?